Olga Bauer was born in Mongolia to Ukrainian parents and she grew up in Belarus. Olga lived in Paris and Moscow and is now residing in Washington, D.C. She has a great privilege to study with a teacher Doris Haskel. Doris was heavily influenced by Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning and other New York school painters as well as by Braque, Matisse and Cezanne.

Art has been Olga's passion since early childhood. Olga likes to explore the relationships between shapes and the colors and lines that connect them, she finds her inspiration in travels as well as visits to national parks because she feels a strong connection with nature. That's probably why blue and green are her favorite colors. Olga is also fond of foreign languages, reading, traveling, playing volleyball, yoga, meditation, playing the piano, theatre, opera and ballet.

"I'm one of those people who don't like to rationalize art, I prefer to feel it. So when people tell me they don't understand abstract art I always tell them they don't need to understand it. Because there's a lot of spontaneous energy when I create my pieces, it gives a certain freedom to my spirit to create whatever I feel at that particular moment. That's why I think all art is abstract. You just need to be open to receive the message."

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